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Some Things Never Change

This month I’ve been invited to attend multiple High School graduations (I must brag on the son of a cousin who became the Valedictorian of a graduating class of 125…Congratulations Diego!).  During these ceremonies it became apparent to me that … Continue reading

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How Do You Define Success?

I recently attended a conference for entrepreneurs and small business owners. As you would suspect, the main topic of discussion was how to be a success. It was clear to me that everyone who attended the conference did so because … Continue reading

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What’s the Guarantee?

Recently a friend of mine made a referral of a woman whose daughter was having difficulty in college. The daughter was methodically decreasing her academic load, was not attending classes, and was not real interested in continuing.

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Limitations – What, Me?

“Which is harder, do you think, owning your strengths or accepting your limitations?” This question was posed to me recently by a coaching client I’ve been working with for a couple of months. You may be surprised at my answer.

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Three Roadblocks to Living Your Talent Advantage

Claiming your Talent Advantage and using it to Live Your Talents are more than theoretical concepts for me. I believe that Your Talent Advantage is not only your birthright, but the road to a more fulfilling and meaningful life.

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What Are You Thankful For?

I love Thanksgiving.  It’s my favorite holiday.  What can be better than being with friends and family watching football, sharing a wonderful meal, playing games, singing, and dancing?  From the time I was a young girl I’ve always pictured Thanksgiving … Continue reading

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Just Wonderful: Why We Focus on Our Weaknesses (and Fail to Develop Our Strengths)

A couple of years ago, I presented Your Talent Advantage, the psychological assessment and business development system I helped to create, to a networking group.I thought the focus of the talk was pretty straightforward: the major points behind Perceptual Style … Continue reading

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The Self-Improvement Myth: 9 Reasons We Don’t Know How to Develop Our Strengths

What do you do when you’re confronted with something you’re not good at?Some people get discouraged and quit. Others keep doggedly working to get better at it, and in the process become more “well-rounded” human beings.Conventional wisdom says that the … Continue reading

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Strengths-Based Coaching: Creating Real Impact for Clients

Why did you get into coaching? One of the most likely reasons is that you wanted to have a real, positive and lasting impact on the lives of your clients.Unfortunately, many of the approaches that coaches currently use in their … Continue reading

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Life, Business and the Pursuit of Happiness: Do More of What You Do Best!

Why do some people thrive in the work they do while others seem miserable?Throughout my years as a business coach and a consultant, this question always fascinated me. On a practical level, I always tried to place people in the … Continue reading

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